Our Solution

Our Program:

The American Diabetes Association says that some changes in lifestyle are viable in counteracting pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes after you’ve been diagnosed as a pre-diabetic patient. Our program also consists of some strategies related to the changing of lifestyle to tackle these issues. As the rise in blood sugar level is the root cause of developing diabetes in almost all the victims, these four easy steps may help to keep their blood sugar levels within the normal range with small changes to their current life-style.

1. Meal Plans:

This programme consists of healthy meal plans, which consists of determining the correct foods for the individual. It based on their individual needs. These meal plans will be full of good for you and good for your blood sugar level food. The objective of these meal plan is to control your blood sugar level and keep it in the healthy and normal range. Your meal plan will be made only for you, considering your health, physical activities, and what you like to eat. These meal plans, in fact, the diet which will be set in these meal plans will help you to prevent pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes by controlling the medical factors which can cause problems in handling insulin and eventually increase the risk of diabetes.

2. Mindfulness Techniques:

Mindfulness is a technique that trains a person to become aware or mindful of the moment by moment thoughts, feelings and physical sensations in a non-judgmental way. Mindfulness has been appeared to be compelling in supporting diabetes management. It is an adapting procedure that can be used to grapple with difficult and adverse mental and physical wellbeing. Mindfulness is one of our four strategies to tackle the issues of pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. We train our customers by using mindfulness techniques and enable them to take care of their thoughts and sensations for being strong to fight this problem.

Mindfulness encourages the focus and concentration on the present moment and the advancement of non-judgemental consciousness, this enables the individual to acknowledge the manner in which they are feeling instead of continually doing combating to try and change it.

3. Managing Stress:

Stress is not particularly good for the health of anyone, however, it is a considerably more prominent risk for someone with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Short-term stress may worsen diabetes by raising the blood sugar level. When an individual feels emotional stress, the body discharges some hormones as a part of a natural defense against danger. These hormones raise blood pressure, heart rate, and even blood sugar level which can become a factor in developing diabetes.

We help our clients by teaching them about how to handle their stress by using several techniques. We use diverse methods and multiple exercises in this step. They have been taught to do various exercises and asked to do these practices at home as well.

4. Physical Activities:

Physical activities including several exercises are the best initiatives which can help to handle the blood sugar level and then to prevent pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. When you work out, your body utilizes more glucose/blood sugar, so doing exercise can bring down your blood sugar level. Additionally, when you do exercise, your body does not require as much insulin to transport the glucose; your body turns out to be less insulin resistant. Since your body is not utilizing insulin well when you have pre-diabetes, a lower insulin resistant is something to be good for you. Furthermore, obviously, there are all the customary advantages of physical activities: it can enable you to lose weight, keep your heart safe, sound, and healthy, improve your sleeping scenario, and even enhance your good mood. The American Diabetes Association suggests no less than 150 minutes of moderate activity a week that is 30 minutes five days a week. You can get that through exercises, for example, strolling, bicycle riding, or swimming.

We encourage our clients to do more exercises and involve in physical activities which is a proven method to handle the blood sugar level and eventually diabetes.