About Me


DevaRaveendran.com has been founded to help people who have difficulties with managing type 2 / pre-diabetes. I teach and train people about handling their diabetic issues by using several strategies. Being concise, I work to help the diabetic patients by using several steps which help them to tackle their disease before they become a victim completely or later on assist them in recovering as soon as possible. All the clients are welcomed. Our customers are from diverse cultures and ages.

Our Vision

The purpose of my services is to provide professional and quality services to all our clients and to help them to fight with their difficulties in managing diabetes or pre-diabetic issues. The process is unique for all the diverse clients. It consists of several steps which are easy to follow. I’m proud to say that DevaRaveendran.com is one of the leading business websites whose goal is to well-being and wellness of the clients. My goal is to assist all the clients who are patients with diabetes or those who have pre-diabetic problems. I’m here to help you regarding all of your problems. You name it, I will do it. You may recognize our work with its quality and professionality, yet our clients remember us as the committed partner and the best service provider.

Do not sit idle if you have some signs of pre-diabetic problems. It could be alarming in the near future.

Our Mission

My mission is to help the people having diabetes problems as well as to assist others in managing their type 2 / pre-diabetic issues. Clients from diverse cultures and of all ages are welcomed. My goal is to:
• Prevent getting diabetes if you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes.
• Prevent complications, disabilities, and burden associated with diabetes.
• Eliminate diabetes-related health disparities.
I am saving peoples’ lives through understanding them to overcome their problems when they have DIABETES!

Our Priorities

The satisfaction of my clients is always in my first priorities. I concentrate our efforts on all the clients to achieve the greatest impact and fame all over the world. Our main priorities are:

• Aware the people to increase diabetes preventive behaviors.
• Improve access to the lifestyle which helps to prevent diabetes.
• Increase environmental and community strategies to prevent diabetes.
• Improve the health behavior and self-management practices of people.
• Increase the best preventive health care services.
• Prioritize and disseminate public health strategies to eliminate disparities.
• Organize and spread general health methodologies to take out disparities.

About the Founder

I am the founder of DevaRaveendran.com. I am a Diabetes Management Coach specialising type 2 / pre-diabetic patients. I have 15 years of experience working in the healthcare field with expertise. I have Diabetes Management qualifications (NCFE Level 3), Foundation degree in Science (Health and Social Care), Nutrition awareness and many different health related qualifications. Also, certified in Health Coaching (1year programe). I helped several people so far who had difficulties with managing diabetes. Some people purely came off with pre-diabetes. I am here to help you to handle your pre-diabetic or diabetic problems.

Feel free to contact me if you want one of the best services around the globe.